Michigan Mortgage Rates

Michigan Mortgage Rates




Shopping for Michigan mortgage rates is no easy task.  Is the rate you are quoted with or without points?  Is there a fixed period and then a period when the rate will adjust?

There are several items that can influence the Michigan mortgage rate or fees that you will be charged.  They are but not limited to the following....

Loan Size, Loan to Value, Combined Loan to Value, Credit Score, Credit History, Escrow Preference, Closing Date, Loan Type, Property Type, Occupancy Type, Residency, Available Assets, Asset Seasoning, Co-borrowers, Debt Ratio, Housing Ratio, Improvements Needed, Employment Type, Employment History, Documentation Available, Transactional Debt Ratio, Re-Castable, Relocation, Seller Contributions, Gifts and Cash-out.

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Michigan Mortgage Rates

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